Case Studies

Brownfield Experience

Former Meat Packing Plant and Landfill – Utica, Michigan

Nicholas G. Maloof worked with the client, a real estate broker, to provide site assessment services for the proposed re-development of the former landfill into a multifamily housing development. The site presents unique challenges due to the presence of contaminated unconsolidated fill materials at the site and the presence of an abandoned and obsolete building. Mr. Maloof provided pre-development site investigation services and Brownfield incentive consultation. The proposed development includes 160 for lease or sale units on the location of the former packing plant with the balance of the site being used for recreational purposes. It is anticipated that a Baseline Environmental Assessment will be completed and that the developer will aid the local unit of government in organizing their Brownfield Redevelopment Authority in order to assist the developer in securing Brownfield funding/incentives for the project at both the state and local levels.

Morgan Waterfront Estates Project, Former Laro Coal Industrial Site – Detroit, Michigan

AES was retained by a developer, through their legal counsel, to provide comprehensive Brownfield Consulting Services for the re-development of the approximately 43 acre former Laro Coal industrial site into Detroit’s newest upscale waterfront residential development consisting of forty-three (43) single-family homes and ninety-two (92) low-rise condominium homes. Several of the homes are located on the Detroit Riverfront and many will have river views. The City of Detroit regards this property as a high visibility site located on the banks of the Detroit River, across and visible from Bell Isle and is adjacent to an existing marina.

AES worked with the Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (DBRA), City of Detroit City Council, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) and Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) Board obtain approval to capture the increased property taxes generated by the project to reimburse over $11.5M of eligible expenses related to environmental remediation activities, site preparation and infrastructure improvements and obtain a $3.9M Brownfield Single Business Tax (SBT) Credit in order to facilitate the re-development of the property. In a further effort to assist the redevelopment, the property has also been designated a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone (NEZ) by the City of Detroit, greatly reducing the amount of property taxes paid by residents in the zone for a 12 year period.

The completed Project will include a total estimated construction of approximately 120,400 to 221,450 square feet of single family residential homes and approximately 143,000 square feet of attached low-rise condominiums. Sales prices will range from $250,000.00 for a multi-family unit to over $1,000,000.00 for a waterfront single family home. The overall value of the project is estimated to be $51M.

AES was retained to perform the following scope of work for the client:

  • Review a large volume of existing data on the property;
  • Prepare and submit the Notice of Intent (NOI) to MEDC;
  • Prepare and submit the Brownfield Plan (BP), related Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Tables and other supporting documents to DBRA and MEDC;
  • Prepare and submit the Brownfield Single Business Tax (SBT) Application to MEDC and MEGA;
  • Prepare and submit an Act 381 Work Plan to MDEQ, MEDC and MEGA to obtain approval for capture of school taxes;
  • Represent the Client before the DBRA, Detroit City Council, MEDC and MEGA Board;
  • Prepare and submit a Category “N” Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) on behalf of the Client
  • Prepare and submit a 7a Due Care Plan and Remedial Work Plan for the project related to ongoing Due Care obligations and planned remediation activities to MDEQ; and
  • Prepare and submit a USEPA Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Application on behalf of Client for federal funds to assist with the remediation of the property.


Land Development Experience

Mixed-use Development Site, Southgate, Michigan

AES was retained by a developer to perform a Pre-development Feasibility Study (PFS) to investigate the development potential of the project site and determine site conditions which may affect the development of the property. AES was retained to perform the following scope of work for the Client:

  • A site reconnaissance to familiarize AES with the subject property.
  • An evaluation of generally available information pertaining to site conditions, site topography/existing features (USGS map, FEMA floodplain map, historical topographic maps, and historical aerial photographs).
  • A review of information pertaining to existing and available utilities, including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, municipal water and other available public utilities.
  • Review and confirmation of current zoning and master plan, municipal utility (sewer and water) availability, and the capacity of those utilities as applicable to the subject site.
  • Perform a Limited Environmental Site Assessment to determine the historical use of the site and whether historical land filling had taken place on the site.
  • Manage and retain Architect and Engineer for site planning and engineering activities.
  • Prepare and submit a re-zoning application including all maps, aerials and other required supporting data and information on behalf of the Developer to change the zoning from M-1 Heavy Industrial to Planned Development (PD) to allow development of a residential and commercial mixed-use development project.